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given an integer, write code to list all primes preceding


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void printPrime(int n) {
    bool not_prime = false;

    for (int i=2; i<n; i++) {
        not_prime = false;
        for (int j=2; j<i; j++) {
            if (i%j==0 && i!=j) {
                not_prime = true;
            printf("%d\n", i);

googler on Jul 29, 2014

This solution can be optimized further. No need to check for even numbers (except 2, 2 is the only prime even number). You can find if 'n' is prime when it is not divisible by any number between 2 to n/2. More optimizaton can be achieved if the range is reduced further from 2 to sqrt(n). But finding a sqrt will be tedious and might require inclusion of math.h library.

Toseef on Aug 2, 2014

there is a much more optimal solution, think about what you already know ;-) of course if this was an interview this would be my answer too (unless they asked for more performance.)

unemployed on Sep 28, 2014

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