Global Marketing Interview Questions

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“Asked what my stock pick was and where I thought the markets would be in a year etc.”

“Where will the market be a year from now, two years from now?”

“There were surprisingly a lot of questions related to coursework and classes (i.e. favorite class, most valuable course experience, proudest achievement in college). I found it odd that the answers…”

“No brain teasers, technical questions, or market based questions. More of a behavioral fit interview.”

“How does C and Java deal with memory? (malloc/garbage collecting)
Write pseudocode for reading in a string mathematical operation (2 + 3 * 6 for example) and calculating it, returning a numeric…”

“None of the questions were difficult, however it was more their reactions to everything I said that were very unexpected. They asked me in advance to prepare an extensive briefing of how I'd position…”

“What do you know about the animal health industry?”

“What has been the biggest misperception of you by your co-workers”

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