Graduate Analyst Interview Questions

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“How would use an empty box of tissues? We bring in many people, why should we hire you?”

“- What do you think AlphaSights does? - Why have you chosen to apply to AlphaSights? - Why are you leaving your current job? - Where else are you applying for jobs?”

“How have you made yourself stand out among your peers? If you had to describe AlphaSights to your friends and family, what would you say in thirty seconds or less? Why would someone take...”

“Nothing unexpected. See below for questions”

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“1. What do you think AlphaSights does? 2. Why did you choose to apply to AlphaSights? 3. Where else are you applying for jobs?”

“Pick one Audi product, list its competition then take about the advantages and disadvantages of the Audi product vs. the competition.”

“Describe a time when you were faced with a decision that you did not agree with and how you approached the situation. If you have to choose to be an animal, which would you choose and why?”

“What other jobs are you considering?”

“The main case during the super day was a presentation. I was given 45 minutes to look at the case (design a method for evaluating the success of the launch of a given product). Then I had 45 minutes...”

“Why HSBC? How does HSBC differ from other big banks? What's the most important value in the asset management business?”

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