Graduate Developer Interview Questions

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“The recruiters tried to ask questions as if it was Google, e.g. why are potholes round?”

“Not that hard. Basically questions about what you have done so far related to software development and database.”

“Don't worry about this. Just be yourself, they ask you so many questions during the two days that if you flub up on one or two it's no big deal.”

“The hardest question was "What does and underwriter do?".”

“Do you know any of the companies that are our competitors?”

“RB focuses on behavioral questions instead of typical interview questions. This can be quite difficult because you'll have to come up with real-life examples of group work/leadership etc.”

“Tell us about a time you took the lead in a group? How did it work out?
What do you think sales means? Can sales skills be taught?”

“Why Visa? What type of company culture are you looking for - startup or corporate?”

“- Why RB?
- Why marketing?
- What are two weaknesses?
- Say a time you had to really push obstacles to get an idea through.
- Say a time you proposed an idea.
- Say a time you had a project and…”

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