Graduate Engineer Interview Questions

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“You are in a room by yourself and someone walks into the room, asks you to find the temperature, and leaves. How would you find the temperature in the room without leaving the room?”

“Write a function (in your preferred language C, C++, or Java) that will take the given string and return the reverse. (ie. input:"abc def ghi" output:"ihg fed cba") Optimize the above code (if...”

“All of the interview questions were pretty standard, but I had some questions after my presentation that were technical (in regards to my topic) that made me a little flustered.”

“Please describe the most technically interesting building in your city.”

“What is Manning's equation for pipe flow?”

“Give us a talk on a safety related issue.”

“What do you know about the steel business?”

“Basic operation on Boost Converter”

“Rate how you think you're doing during the interview on a scale of 1-10. Who was the leader in your group (from the final presentation where you sell Baker Hughes to college students)?”

“What is your greatest project accomplishment?”

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