Graduate Field Engineer Interview Questions

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“Rate how you think you're doing during the interview on a scale of 1-10. Who was the leader in your group (from the final presentation where you sell Baker Hughes to college students)?”

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“Have you ever encountered a technical problem during your research work.”

“Mayan number system test”

“9 questions all talking about situation you have passed through”

“During the panel interview some questions include: Why would you be a good fit for the position? Why do you want to work for BH? Some more other basic questions. Pretty basic interview…”

“Tell about a time when you had to work against a deadline. Tell me a time you applied your skills to solve a problem. Why do you want to work here?”

“Don't worry about this. Just be yourself, they ask you so many questions during the two days that if you flub up on one or two it's no big deal.”

“awkward way to do an interview!!”

“One on one and panel interview consisted of behavior questions and nothing too difficult.”

“tell me about a time you worked in a group. what do you have to do? why do you do?”

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