Graduate Intern Interview Questions

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“they asked me whole explain whole data-path in MIPS”

“They gave me an Boolean expression to simplify”

“What business unit has the most potential?”

“Tell me about a time you encountered an ambiguous situation, how did you respond and what were the results?”

“He/She will ask you questions based on what you have answered. Totally unexpected.”

“describing an old project that I had worked on”

“Explain MESI protocol
Cache design,Memory and Pipelining”

“Do you know the MESI cache coherence protocol? How does it work? Given that a particular cache line is in <some arbitrary> state with processor 0, what happens when processor 1 requests the…”

“Can you build a BRAM with one read port and one write port? Two read ports and one write port? Two read ports and two write ports? How would you expand the data width of the memory given that you…”

“Q: How would you build a FIFO using BRAM?”

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