Graduate Intern Interview Questions

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“Describe a project or experience which you consider would help you in this job”

“No unexpected question”

“What is the upcoming problem in hardware industry?”

“Describe your research and area of interest. And how this relates to the project of the company?”

“Did not expect panel interview to have a scribe white-boarding my responses to ensure they were in STAR format. Very distracting. Should absolutely know something about the automotive industry…”

“The interview was very detailed regarding my technical background. I had to explain why I chose to took some of the courses and how this helped had me through my past years.”

“The best way to prepare is to just know yourself and your resume. If you are a grad student, the interview can be similar to a thesis defense.”

“1. Tell me a time when you completed a task that you previously had failed at, and explain why you failed the first time?”

“Very basic questions on cache, unix commands and technical academic projects.”

“I told the financial manager that I did a case write-up in my Accounting class about AT&T so he asked "Why AT&T changed how they account their pension plans?"”

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