Graduate Program Interview Questions

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“What classes have you taught for other institutions?”

“Using sql how would you find duplicated values in a table with only one row.”

“Do you have any job experience?”

“behavioral question: Explain a situation where you had two conflicting options and you had to choose the option that you didn't agree with. What were the pros and cons? what did you do? What was…”

“what's the difference between and idb and trader?”

“Don't worry about this. Just be yourself, they ask you so many questions during the two days that if you flub up on one or two it's no big deal.”

“The role play was difficult. The interviewers gave an example of an employee who is a manager of a call center who is adamant against the integration of web chat to resolve client issues. You are…”

“Give an example of a difficult project that you had to accomplish, and how did you overcome it?”

“Why you instead of the person in the next room?”

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