Graduate Student Interview Questions

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“What resolution are you talking about when you said custom tiling microarray array?”

“How you describe yourself? Dependent or independent?”

“This was a fairly relaxed interview process, but one difficult question I did receive was to justify my desired methods for research that I wished to pursue.”

“What would you do if you saw a classmate struggling?”

“I am getting 8 applications each day. Why should I hire you over the other applicants?”

“Why did you not decide to come to USA for your Master's degree.”

“Do you wanna join my research group?”

“What makes you more competitive than any other applicants?”

“I was asked about how I would address certain specific problems in making a transgenic model organism and asked about my technical knowledge regarding how to make such an organism. I was also asked…”

“Family structure, goals and living negotiation of relocating to Auburn with a spouse.”

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