Grants Interview Questions

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“I was asked if I would be willing to pay for a trip to Seattle to interview without the possibility of being reimbursed.”

“how would i reach out to the Indian Community for grants or donations to the center?”

“How did you manage any violent verbal or physical outbursts from clients that you may have experienced in past positions?”

“Tells us about your experience in Grants and Agreements, why would you be a good fit with Irving Burton?”

“How do you decide which grants to apply for and which ones not to?”

“Which grants did you apply for online and which did you apply for on paper?”

“The hiring manager said that she doesn't want to have to train someone for 3 years to get the job. I thought this was also insulting.”

“How would I change the grant management to make it more responsive to school's needs?”

“Qualifications for the position?”

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