Grants Manager Interview Questions

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“"Why did you go to a private school for high school?"”

“"It looks like you've travelled a lot and you're learning French but you've never travelled to a 3rd world country. Why? And how can you relate to poor people if you've only been to Europe and...”

“"You applied for the Fulbright but didn't get it. Why?"”

“The hiring manager said that she doesn't want to have to train someone for 3 years to get the job. I thought this was also insulting.”

“How would I change the grant management to make it more responsive to school's needs?”

“I honestly did not have any unexpected, or difficult questions to answer as the team knew their field, and their college, and asked questions that pertained to the professional atmosphere...”

“How do you prepare financial reports?”

“What was my previous experience working with foundations and how did I develop the relationships to advance my position in obtaining grants?”

“At the time my graduate studies were geared towards Anthropology, and one of the interviewers asked how would I be able to incorporate that background in the current job.”

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