Graphic Design Interview Questions

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“Have you ever been on a boat? (Creative Open-ended question)”

“Why did you pick that font size?”

“My husband has done freelance for 10 years and never asked for work, clients come to him, he loves it, why would you leave that freelance lifestyle for a full-time job?”

“Why did you leave XYZ company, that's an ideal job.”

“What environment do you work best in?”

“Will you be happy with the less interesting work you'll have to do?”

“Please give examples of designing for Business to Business (B to B) and designing for Business to Consumer (B to C).”

“How do you handle stressful situation?”

“I was very impressed with the interview process. I left with a real sense of what I wanted in a company, and knew that it was the right company for me. One question that sticks out in my mind is…”

“What was it about your last position that you least liked.”

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