Graphic Designer Interview Questions

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“In addition to the job responsibilities, Would I be interested in taking over the web designers position in a month or so?”

“Spelling and typing. I am not a writer, I type slow. I am not a good speller. I rely on spell check and am faithful using it. But spell check doesn't catch everything. If I have time I can proof it I…”

“The Retail Executive Art Director talked about the fact that they had two "church ladies" that they didn't feel they could dismiss.”

“How would you code an Electronic Direct Mailer?”

“What do you think you are worth for a salary.”

“Would you use this product?”

“what do you want to accomplish durning the first month”

“Since you were previously laid off, how do we know we aren't hiring a dud?”

“How does your background with the Visual Arts (Painting Drawing) apply to your Graphic Design Skills.”

“Why are you leaving your present workplace?”

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