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“Write the function that calculates price of the cup of coffee where price of the condiments depends on size of the coffee cup. For example milk cost 10 c for small cup 15 c for medium and 20 c for…”

“Automation of a UI test for a web page”

“I was asked to identify problem in artificiallly incorrect class”

“Are you Chinese or Japanese?”

“Sample questions concerning Java or SQL.”

“SQL-Query using Self-Joins”

“Implement a sparse matrix Java class with a constructor, set and get method. The matrix has millions of rows and columns and is at a maximum 15% populated.”

“Given a root directory, return all the sub files of this root directory. Note, a file can be a directory with more sub files or a data file which has no sub files.”

“Why aren't you employed?”

“I had background in there software, there for nothing was very difficult or surprising. In chicago I had to write some code for a recursive function to meet a specific need.,”

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