Hairstylist Interview Questions

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“Who are some of your favorite designers?”

Stylist at Madewell

Jan 6, 2013

“What salary are you expecting?”

“What would you think your average time is for a haircut?”

“Do you have a book of business from past experience?”

“when can you start, when do you get your license”

“How often was I late to my current job”

“Asked me repeatedly how I would handle someone not following standards. It was a laid back interview. Security is very high almost like going to the airport.”

“Are you reliable?”

“The company is very professional and asks several positive questions. Why you love doing hair, what are you goals etc. How do you handle a challenge with a guest that is not happy.”

“Why do you want to work here? You cant say for the money that is frowned upon It cant be for the money you don't make a lot.”

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