Hairstylist Interview Questions

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“People thinking you must buy the clothing, not true”

Stylist at LF Stores

Jun 12, 2013

“What would you do when a customer was to walk into the store”

“What does good customer service mean to you?”

“If I would be willing to work til end of day and stay all day even if it was slow on that day. She needed people that she could depend on that aren't afraid to work.”

“Why were you a good fit is the wrong question I hink it should .be asked why is hc a good fi for me”

“I think it was if I had any clients.”

“are you looking to expand”

“how long have you been in industry”

“I was asked about how I thought I could do with the structure that is required there, also if I thought I could sell enough products to meet their quota.”

“Why do you want the job?”

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