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“Describe a circuit that implements the following truth table using only NAND gates.

0 0 1
0 1 1
1 0 0
1 1 1”

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“Describe a function to check if an integer is a power of 2.”

“If you have a 600 digit number with only 0's and 1's, and exactly 300 1's, can the number be a square?”

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“If you increase the width of a PCB trace, does it decrease or increase the trace impedance?”

“A single-elimination tennis tournament has n teams. How many games will be played before there is a winner?”

“How would you turn a 2:1 MUX into an AND gate?”

“What are the effects of a mismatched circuit?”

“Not the most difficult question but I found this question interesting.
Write a piece of code that allows you to detect if the machine you are running the program is little Endian or big Endian…”

“how would you test a RAM ?”

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“10 Gbytes of 32-bit numbers on a magnetic tape, all there from 0 to 10G in random order. You have 64 32 bit words of memory available: design an algorithm to check that each number from 0 to 10G…”

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