Hardware Engineer Interview Questions

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“Converting NAND gate into NOT , how would you test a buffer using ocilloscope and other devices”

“Hardware design practical test question that is irrelevant to the job description.”

“He had a diagram of a simple CPU with instruction memory and data memory, and a number of instructions in the instruction memory. He said there was a bug in one of the interconnects, either one of…”

“C function to detect odd number, detect if number is odd , calculate characters in string”

“use of DLLs in DDR2”

“Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?”

“There are 5 bowls with 100 candies each. In 4 bowls, all of the candies are 10 grams each. In 1 bowl, all the candies are 9 grams each. Using a digital scale, how can you determine which bowl has…”

“Design an FSM to generate a sequence. or to detect a sequence.”

“If you measured Vcc with a probe on the middle of a chip, what would you expect to measure? Vss?”

“10.VIA, CONTACT's function in layout
11.what is cache?and its tradeoff
12 what's the concept of page in memory
13.what is virtual memory
14.what is cache replacement policy?
15.do you know any…”

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