Hardware Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work for Apple?”

“Why is Apple great?”

“Calculate the number of logic 1's in a given input using combinational logic only.
And some basic logic based questions”

“What type of cable is this? What does it connect? What is it used for?”

“Draw an SR-latch”

“How would you implement a full-adder, both with and without carry-in?”

“Design an FSM to generate a sequence. or to detect a sequence.”

“Do you have the technical knowledge to operate a book shop?
Can you supervise employees so that they are fulfilled and the job is done?
Have you the business knowledge to maintain the b-o-r-i-n-g…”

“Some cache problem: about which part of memory should be cached when you solve a linear system so that the speed up benefit from the cache could actually be taken advantage of.”

Test Engineer at RTTS

Mar 30, 2010

“What make computer do you have? (Who is the manufacturer of your computer?) Which CPU (processor) do you have in it?”

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