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“Talk about every single job you've ever had”

“None. Very straigh forward. They are just looking to fill a position and their standards aren't very high.”

“What is the least amount of ways to determine which marble out of 8 is the lightest using a balance scale?”

“If a client has bumps or bruises on their body, do you mention it to them?”

“I was asked if I was willing to drop everything I was doing on a day off to cover someone else's shift.”

“Tell me about a time that you did not agree with something your manager wanted you to do.”

“You have 10 bags that weighs the same except for one that weighs less. With a scale, what's the shortest number of tries to find the bag that weighs less?”

“How would you code a program to generate a mail server to deliver multiple emails?”

“explain the gaps in your resume”

“Tell me about your past employment. Do you have any customer service experience?”

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