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“Are you bilingual?”

“Nothing unexpected. But if you've never worked there before, you don't know how many massages you can do in a day and what breaks you need. So you shouldn't answer that without asking another…”

“Why were you a good fit is the wrong question I hink it should .be asked why is hc a good fi for me”

“How much experience do you have?”

“Can you work long hours?”

“What makes you qualified for this position?”

“How would you handle the following situation?
A client has relapsed and is moving out of his ADFC housing. The client is not interested in returining to treatment, stating that he/she has completed…”

“We do not allow facial piercings at Servcorp. Will you be willing to take it out.”

“What salary are you looking for?”

“some of the arithmetic querstions on the skills test were difficult because you dont have a lot of time to waste and technically arent supposed to use calculators though if you know how to use a…”

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