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“What do you know about linkage disequilibrium and it's affect on human genetic disease?”

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“Would you be upset if you spent a lot of time completeing a task then were told you needed to do it differently?”

“"Why do you want to work in a pharmacy?"”

“What made you want to apply for this position?”

“If you were speaking with a patient about their blood pressure and they mentioned something about an open area on their foot (patient is a diabetic), what would you do?”

“How would you handle a situation if you were told to redo a project after you have completed it?”

“In you previous job, if you called off, what did you usually call off for?”

“Expected to write down code when I type it up on a computer how do they expect you to jog from memory and have a confusing database where the primary keys don't match what they are asking.”

“where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

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“No suprises, just the basics. Whatch for behavioral questions”

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