Health Care Products Manufacturing interview questions

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Manager at CareFusion

Dec 23, 2013

“I didn't find any question as too difficult; i prepared by reading books on interview questions”

“Something similar to: You have 7 baskets and 15 eggs. How many ways can you put the eggs in the baskets? Eggs must be grouped in odd numbers.”

“How would you define fraud?”

“The most difficult question I think in any interview is, "Do you have any questions for me?"”

“Describe a unique creative marketing method.”

“The most difficult part of the interview is the revoicing test. During this test, you will hear audio and have to repeat what you hear as the audio continues.”

“What made you decide to leave your current position?”

“who do you put first company or family?”

“Not much at all just where do you see yourself in the future.”

“What are your weaknesses”

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