Health Educator Interview Questions

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“Standard interview questions. There was nothing unexpected. I did receive the interview questions a head of time while waiting for the panel to assemble.”

“Role play questions - they ask how you will react in certain tough situations with clients to determine your professionalism and knowledge in the field.”

“In your last job, what were some policies you agreed with and did not agree with and why? How did you handle those you didn't agree with.”

“Tell me what you want out of this position.”

“I was asked if I had any experience grant writing. Being fresh out college I did not. I have been working there for 3 year now and have never been asked to even look at a grant.”

“All the questions were typical interview questions, tell me about yourself, why do you want to work here, why should I hire you, tell me about a time when...”

“Nothing out of the ordinary”

“What appeals to you about the job? What skills and expertise would you bring to this position?”

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