Health Fundraising Organizations interview questions

American Heart Association Interviews  /  HQ: Dallas, TX

74 Interviews

3.2 Average

Fund for the Public Interest Interviews  /  HQ: Boston

59 Interviews

2.0 Easy

Alzheimer's Association Interviews  /  HQ: Chicago, IL

22 Interviews

2.7 Average

Interview Questions

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Sort: Popular Date

“What's the color of money???....”

“How would you improve staff morale?”

“Do you have fundraising experience”

“what do you want to do in the future?”

“Be prepared for a CIDS style interview i.e. Chronological In-Depth Structured interview. This requires you to answer the same series of questions for everything listed on your resume and application...”

“What are your current supervisor's weaknesses?”

Semester at LIVESTRONG

Apr 20, 2015

“Why do you want to work at LIVESTRONG?”

“The one difficult question was whether something told in confidence should be revealed if danger was involved or a crime.”

“why would you say you're good to work for the fund?”

“Do you ever plan on going back to graduate school?”

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