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“The scenario questionnaire that is asked during interviews sometimes makes many of us nervous. They are asked because they want to see how I handled stressful situations. I think I did very well!”

“What has been your most difficult case and were you able to treat it successfully? If so how and what was the treatment protocol?”

“How do you screen your potential clients for health history to know whether they should be referred or treated by you?”

“They were mainly concerned about two things: Why I'd left my last job and how my background, (which was not exactly traditional) would translate well for the position I was applying for. Finally...”

“Question was asked about my experience working in research laboratories.”

“Why work in the healthcare field? Why data analytics?”

“Explain how a technical project in your past relates to this job functionality and makes you prepared for this job.”

“What type of work are interested in .”

“What are you looking to do 5 years down the road?”

“Why do you want to work here at labcorp”

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