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“How would I handle a conflict with another associate?”

“I wasn't really asked a lot of technical questions, they had my resume asked a few questions about my experience with active directory and pc imaging, asked about my certifications and security…”

“Why I was leaving current job after only six months employment.”

“What constitutes RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5?”

“Personal questions about hobbies etc. I may have been overthinking it but I felt like they were trying to figure something out about me.”

“What do you know about video communications?”

“If I would be willing to supervise the employees even though I would be a new hire. She needed someone to handle schedule/vacation requests and to do evaluations. I had experience in a prior position…”

“Have you experienced a confrontation with a coworker, how did you handle it?”

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“User boots into Safe Mode but cannot change the resolution or colors, how would you troubleshoot”

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“Where do you locate the configuration settings to add a printer to the network?”

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