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“Questions were read from a paper (word for word) Very generic
 Gal never looked at me. Ask me how I was doing 4 times.
She did ask me 3 times if this was the correct job I was applying for. She…”

“What would you do in a situation where somebody was doing something dishonest?”

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“How did you handle a bad experience with a customer?”

“Nothing really difficult, a great way to start a job as a intern, part time to supplement income, a blessing to get paid weekly :)”

“At Macy's we use a lot of technology - phones, computers, internet. Do you have any experience using them?”

“When was a time you had to resolve a difficult problem for a customer?”

“How many Macy's cards did you sell when you here last year? [I only did 1 over the month I was there].
We like employees to get 2 new Macy's card clients a week. What could you do to improve your…”

“Why do you want to work at Macy's?”

Holiday at

Apr 9, 2015

“Why do you want to work for macys ?”

“Can you start today”

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