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“Questions were read from a paper (word for word) Very generic
 Gal never looked at me. Ask me how I was doing 4 times.
She did ask me 3 times if this was the correct job I was applying for. She…”

“What would you do in a situation where somebody was doing something dishonest?”

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“How did you handle a bad experience with a customer?”

“Nothing really difficult, a great way to start a job as a intern, part time to supplement income, a blessing to get paid weekly :)”

“At Macy's we use a lot of technology - phones, computers, internet. Do you have any experience using them?”

“When was a time you had to resolve a difficult problem for a customer?”

“How many Macy's cards did you sell when you here last year? [I only did 1 over the month I was there].
We like employees to get 2 new Macy's card clients a week. What could you do to improve your…”

“Why do you want to work at Macy's?”

“Can you start today”

“If you see a co-worker stealing, what would you do?”

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