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“Nothing really difficult- I was more concerned that I had no sales experience and would not get this job. I was really nervous about sales- wanted customer service but this is really fine and no one…”

“How many days of work do you think are acceptable to miss in a year and why?”

“Example of a time you had to negotiate”

“If you were selected for our home agent position with national motor club, what would you bring to the table to help our company grow”

“Will you work for minimum wage?”

“Everything based on passing skills test”

“I didn't find any of the questions to be difficult, nothing out of the ordinary for interview questions.”

“The most unexpected question was when they asked to describe a situation where there was an angry customer, and what you did to solve the problem. I have dealt with a few angry customers, so I really…”

“if you haven't done so already they will ask you if you meet the technical requirements for the company which can be a little frustrating if you don't know what you have off the top of your head i.e…”

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