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“Since you rated yourself high in product knowledge in the ____ department, pick a product from that department and pretend that you're selling it to us.”

Cashier at Lowe's

Jun 26, 2012

“Tell about a time with a difficult customer, your action and results.”

“If a customer asked you how much paint we sell in a year and you had to calculate it on a napkin during a meeting, how would you do that?”

“As an HR Manager, how will I drive results.”

“What would you do if a customer was irrate.”

“How do you handle irrate customers?”

“In my phone interview I was asked to "give an example of a time that you have given excellent customer service, and it must be a precise, detailed example."”

Cashier at Lowe's

Mar 26, 2015

“A lot of what would you do questions.”

“Easy questions. Provide an example of how you went above and beyond to provide good customer service. How would you provide a good shopping experience for a customer at the home depot?”

“What do you know about TSC?”

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