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“Name a time when you had an upset customer. What did you do for the customer and what was the result?”

“how much can you lift”

“What are you strengths and weaknesses?”

“No unexpected questions. The most difficult was a pseudo code question but it wasn't too hard.”

“Tell me about a time where you had to deal with an irate customer. What was the problem and what did you do?”

“How much retail/wholesale door/window experience do you have?”

“Are you okay with comission sales?”

“To be honest i had a very easy interview. I knew a current merchandiser and that it is why i got the job, not to say that I'm not a good or hard working individual but this was 2012 and times were…”

“If you caught a coworker/friend stealing what would you do”

“How would non-retail experience transferred to a retail setting”

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