Hot Topic Sales Associate Interview Questions

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“What would you do if someone ran out with a stack of T-shirts”

“What makes you happy?”

“Most are simple questions about your favorite music and how you keep up with pop culture. Nothing too hard.”

“To sell a imaginary product to them.”

“I wasn't expecting this question: "What is one thing we sell that you hate?"”

“What kind of music do you listen to?”

“Basic interview questions, Why do you want to work for hot topic? Dont worry if you dont listen to rock or metal bands but just make sure you know what they sell in the store”

“What are your favorite bands? Are you signed up for any fashion magazines? Which store in this mall would you consider the most fashion forward?”

“Are you able to come to work on time? Do you have your own form of reliable transportation? Do you have a problem with working night shifts or holidays?”

“Hands on, greeted customers, what was your previous work experience, why do you want to work for Hot Topic.”

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