HR Consultant Interview Questions

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“How would use your background to help launch the new project we just discussed?”

“What would you consider to be your biggest weakness? / Why should we hire you instead of the other people we have interviewed?”

“"We understand that you want $$$, but we can only pay $$$, is that ok?"”

“Why should we hire an outsider and not someone within?”

“Did you do your homework!”

“The most difficult part was convincing them that my extensive biotech and engineering experience would carryover to the very white collar clients like banks, brokers, and law firms.”

“The questions that said are you more like this or this....content or X”

“Give an example of a time where you had to multi-task?”

“Very slow process, very unprofessional. not difficult questions, it seems that the interviewers were not really prepared with questions. it was a general discussion, not an interview...”

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