Human Capital Interview Questions

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“The case study - role playing scenario. They put you in the shoes of a consultant and have you solve the problem to the best of your ability. "A company wants a new talent management system. How…”

“So I just explained the challenge I faced on my client. Let's turn this into a case, how would you solve it?”

“Name a situation where you had to answer a question or complete a task without all of the information”

“Tell me about a time you failed”

“How do you solve conflict with a client?”

“Describe the riskiest decision you've ever made”

“What do you want to do within our team in 5 years?”

“case studies were a little tricky/involved. requires you to get through a lot of information very quickly”

“Describe a group project where you experienced some form of difficulty”

“If you adequately prepare, nothing should be so unexpected that you shouldn't have already thought you'd be asked it. The recruiting staff is very nice to work with; they don't try to stress test you…”

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