Human Resource Internship Interview Questions

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“Tell me about an time when you did not get along with someone you were working with, what did you do, and what were the results”

“The only question asked was, "Tell me what you're currently studying and 3 interesting things about yourself."”

“How have you shown leadership throughout your college career.”

“What would you do if you had an attendance problem because a bunch of employees made sure that they used all of their two weeks of sick leave every year, and their family maternity leave, and it cost...”

“How do you rate among other professionals”

“Have you ever had a situation you were not expecting and how did you deal with it?”

“Tell a time when you had to explain a complex message to someone”

“What is a mistake you made and how did you recover”

“There weren't any difficult questions, just questions about why I wanted to work at HP, why a career in HR, etc.”

“No really difficult questions. I would say make sure to research the company before hand because they definitely ask why you would want to work there and what you know about the company.”

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