Human Resources Associate Interview Questions

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“Most unexpected: asking for my high school & college GPA during the interview, and my SAT score on the job application.”

“As stated above, it took me aback when I was asked by the HR Director for finite details position responsibilities including ones earlier on in my career. I didn't think it was relevant to the…”

“Please provide an example of a strategic initiative you lead?”

“Analytical questions were the most difficult part of the interview. Although they may seem unrelated to the position that you're interviewing for, the interviewers want to understand how you think on…”

“We were only given 45 minutes to review a case study and put together a presentation. Case study was examining HR departments in a recent M&A.”

“tell me about a time where you had to do something difficult and what was the outcome? Then other normal behavioral question's strengths and weakness.”

“Give me an example when you inspired someone to perform better”

“All questions were expected if you prepared for the interview. The most difficult part was remembering what your prepared answers wer for those questions - it's harder to think when you're nervous…”

“It wasn't so much of a question as a comment. The HR mentioned her passion for HR, and alluded to enjoying talking about HR for fun. I'm afraid I didn't feel the same way--I'm hoping to find more of…”

“Basic questions - "tell me about yourself" "what do you know about us?"”

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