Human Resources Intern Interview Questions

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“Share an example of a time you knew there was a more innovative or better way to accomplish something, but instead chose not to do it that way, and why did you choose not to do it.”

“What business unit has the most potential?”

“Tell me about a time you encountered an ambiguous situation, how did you respond and what were the results?”

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“Why would you want to work in HR?”

“Expect to answer questions in the fashion of what you can do for them; not what they can do for you.”

“Explain a situation where you only solved a symptom of the problem.”

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“What major event occurred in the 1940s?”

“Did you watch the Bills game last week?”

“Tell me about a time when you were asked to make a decision with little time to decide, but you were given all of the information needed to make that decision.”

“How have you demonstrated our values?”

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