Hypothetical Interview Questions

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“How do I know that you wouldn't accept a position from a totally different company if you were called upon by a recruiter, and offered $10k or $20k more per year?”

“Sell me this. Why should I buy your product over a competitor's product. What's so special about your product?”

“If a pre-booked guest wanted a nonsmoking room but the only availability was smoking, how would you handle the situation?”

“No technical question but a hypothetical question will be asked of what would you do if a intern friend working at Con Edison took home a work computer for personal uses. If you immediately think of...”

“What would you do if a customer came storming into the restaurant blaming you for everything that went wrong with their order/experience?”

“How would you handle Situation X?”

“What would I do if I knew a co-worker were cheating the system or stealing?”

“Tell me a little about yourself (not hard).”

“There aren't really any difficult questions, they will ask you hypothetical questions like "What would you do if you saw a team member stealing?"”

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“If you only had one redbull who would you give it to”

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