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“how many 1s are there from 1-100”

Seismic Imager at CGG

May 1, 2012

“What is the most important thing you look for in a job?”

“"Do you use levels or curves in Photoshop?"”

“Having been in the industry with a competitor there really was not a "difficult or unexpected question". It was really about seeing if there was a personality match and if we could agree on…”

“What is one of your weaknesses?”

“some physics question : a man was going up and down on the stairs, asking how long it will take or stag like that”

Seismic Imager at CGG

Jul 17, 2012

“what is area of a hexagon?”

“Asked how much experinece I had using Adobe Photoshop and then given a test on the computer adjusting image color, resizing, croping, etc.”

“What do you do when you catch an employee stealing a penny from the cash register?”

“During down times when there are few documents to be processed, what's the best thing you can do for the good of the team?”

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