In House Counsel Interview Questions

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“How did you like working at Sullivan & Cromwell? Please describe some of your work.”

“Did you like working in Kenai, AK?”

“Be sure to be well prepared for the interview and have a good understanding about the work you will do and the corporate culture.”

“They want specifics about your current employment, more so than I expected.”

“I don't really know what an intern does in this office, but tell me about why you are interested in working here?”

“There is no way that we'll be able to hire you after your internship, is that going to be a problem?”

“Describe a weakness you have and relate it to how you can overcome it in a work setting environment.”

“The most difficult question had to do with stability. When interviewing there was a rumor of a merger, and shortly after the interview the company was purchased. But during the interview process…”

“Explaining gaps in my resume.”

“Can you travel to San Diego for training on the 15th? (which was less than a week away)”

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