In Store Banker Interview Questions

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“What was your greatest creative achievement at your previous job?”

“Most difficult question for me was to explain a time i had a bad attitude customer and i how i dealt with it.”

“How do you make a customer feel special?”

“What are your career goals?”

“1. Why do you want to work for U.S. Bank?
2. Do you have sales experience?
3. If so, sell me this pen.
4. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer?”

“Describe your favorite color to me in three words without saying what the color is.”

“The interviewer handed me a pen and told me to sell him the pen.”

“They wanted to know if i was comfortable approaching people in the grocery store to solicit banking accounts?”

“What was my previous banking experience?”

“We are a tight-knight group of few employees. How do you feel about working with different personalities on a regular basis? For example, if someone is more outgoing and someone else is more quiet…”

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