Inbound Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“Are you looking for work with any other companies besides Progressive?”

“What are your pay expectations for the position of Inbound Sales Representative?”

“How do you mange conflicting priorities?”

“all the questions where standard. nothing out of the norm, but there was a sales call roll play that was easy to pass.”

“What would you say to someone who says they don't want the home phone.”

“No difficult questions arose, it was obvious that my qualifications well surpassed my interviewer's (whom I was told was the hiring manager) and he was visibly impressed with everything I said.”

“None of the questions were hard at all'”

“On a scale of 1:20 how would you rate to come out of training. One being class best and 20 being worst”

“I brought a folder with copies of my resume along with me, and the interviewing supervisor asked me to "sell him the folder."”

“During the interview, you are required to read a script because it is a telemarketing job. It wasn't hard for me, but you should be able to read well.”

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