Industrial Engineering Interview Questions

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“Are you ok with working in a hot environment out in the shipyard?”

“How to avoid flow marks in an injection molded plastic part.”

“One of the HR members asked what a common misconception is about me. That question took me back a little.”

“Describe what you would do if your boss assigned you a project that he needed completed in 4 weeks but you realize that it actually takes 6 weeks to complete, but your boss tells you that 4 weeks is...”

“Please describe the types of Inventory in a manufacturing facility.”

“Do you expect to pursue a master's program before beginning your full-time career?”

“Apparently saying family is the most important thing in your life is the wrong answer as that is why I didnt get the job.”

“Describe a time when working with a difficult coworker and what you did to solve any conflict”

“Do u know ergonomics”

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