Industrial Manufacturing interview questions

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“If it took 6 men 3 hours to load a truck, how long would it take 4 men?”

“Do you have any kids?”

“If a glass of water is half full and you put ice in it, when ice melts, the water level will increase of decrease or remain constant? Give scientific reason.”

“The skill test was interesting, but not really difficult. I felt more constrained by the amount of time I had and the developer "looking over my shoulder."”

“What do you do if someone gets physical with you”

“What is net present value and how would you use it?”

“What is your main weakness.”

“2 men in a boat fishing, 36 fish were caught. One person caught eight times more than the other, how many did each catch?”

“All questions asked were relevant to the position”

“What will you do when you fail to meet the customer's expectations?”

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