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“Do you stay current on the financial services industry and market movements?”

“Why should Princess Cruises hire you?”

“Can you tell me how your skills and experience match the job requirements?”

“If there is a long line of customers who were all unsure of what to order, how would you go about speeding up the line?”

Tax Accountant at EY

May 19, 2013

“Imagine you make a very complicated calculation in excel for a client who is going to make a decision. After you reviewed it a couple of times you notice you are going to save the client $10 million…”

“Why online advertising sales?”

“The most difficult interview questions had to do with the fact that the whole interview style was the "S.T.A.R." Behavioral Interview Style. "S" stands for situation, (use specific details, even if…”

“Case questions - know the industry and the challenges it faces?”

“Do you have experience and knowledge of the printing industry?”

“Why are you choosing the cosmetics industry if you have a background in other artistic endeavors?”

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