Information Developer Interview Questions

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“Describe a project management experience”

“Tell about a time where you were told to do something unethical, wrong, or you didn't agree with. What did you do about it?”

“They want you to know a lot about the company and industry during the interview so you need to do your homework.”

“How do you deal with management related to complex technical issue?”

“It's so long ago I don't remember any specific questions that came up, but my memory is that there wasn't anything that I felt unprepared to handle. This was before the era of behavioral-type…”

“Don't recall any difficult questions”

“Why did you select this project in your masters?”

“SQL, OOP, and general programming. I would not say that there are difficult or unexpected questions.”

“Tell me how you would set up a web application that used two different languages to do different processes. Specifically, how would you connect an application where parts were written in Java and…”

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