Information Management Interview Questions

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“What has been my biggest disappointment in my career.”

“What are the circumstances in which you would violate policy?”

“In discussing a project that was not completely successful, was asked if the project was a mistake. (Note: project was initiated by the owner)”

“How do you see yourself contributing to this company and the ministry?”

“What is the difference between a charge card and a credit card? Which card realizes losses faster in a poor economy?”

“Tell me about your experience as a Solution Architect?”

“How would you react if your deadline for a project got extended? They said they had to ask this question, but it was weird because usually a project extension isn't 1) a thing unless you ask for it...”

“Detail what was a stress situation in your last job”

“Faced with the decision of disappointing your best customer or the head of your department how would you handle a situation like this?”

“They asked me why I wanted the job and why I feel suited for the position. I wouldn't want the job if I had not taken the time to avail myself for the interview!!”

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