Information Officer Interview Questions

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“Why do you want to work for LACOE?”

“Describe your experiences with policy enforcement and their affect upon moral.”

“Why do you want to work for the City of Galveston? And then they proceeded to explain that the job was much more than an 8 hour a day job and that the city was short handed and might not even fill…”

“Specific questions about a troubled project -- what would I do.”

“Who would you hire from this group? Why?”

“At a press event, a reporter asks a question about a different project. How do you answer?”

“I never got to the question and answer session of the interview.”

“The group interview contained some very difficult technical questions, but the toughest was about how I would establish a security-conscious culture where there was none.”

“I don't recall a specific question from the interview process, but the sessions with the owner were interesting, if long. He's in his early 70s and has vast business experience. Obviously a very…”

“Decribe in your own words how you would deal with the discovered misuse or inappropriate use of company assets.”

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