Information Security Engineer Interview Questions

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“More like the most awkward question and that "So why do you want to leave your current employer?"”

“What are the ways to secure a LInux system?”

“Can't recall any questions that stood out as difficult or unexpected.”

“Tell me about cross site request forgery and why should I care.”

“Why have you only been with your existing company for only one month?”

“In my opinion, there were not any very difficult or unexpected questions. Most were very typical. Perhaps since I was a college grad, there were not a lot of work-related scenario questions. The…”

“Finding the balance between family time and work time since L-3 is a very family-oreinted company. That really impressed me!”

“I was asked about database security which was out of my scope of experience. No specific questions other than what would I do to improve DB security. Wasn't really a screening question other than…”

“How can you fire someone with any notice or being written up.”

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